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Inspiration: A House on a River in Serbia

By Matthew Saville on March 1st 2013

Of all the crazy Photoshopped images in the world, it is refreshing when you see something that makes you go “whoa!” …and you realize that it actually exists in real life, not just in the imagination of a really good Photoshop-prankster.  This little house, perched on a rock in the middle of the Drina river in Serbia, is one of those awe-inspiring scenes in the real world.


Although it just recently gained fame when this image was featured in National Geographic by Hungarian photographer Irene Becker, the house has actually existed on this rock for over 40 years!  It was built by a group of boys in 1968.  It’s purpose, according to the article on  A sunbathing hideout.  People will go to great lengths to catch a tan in Serbia, I guess!





View the article and more images HERE.  View the National Geographic “My Shot” page (and a wallpaper!) by clicking HERE!

View more of Irene Becker’s work HERE. (prints available for sale)

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