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X-Pro1 2 Lens Kit Deal Is Back


A little while back, there was an awesome deal on the Fuji X-Pro1 with two lenses for under $1000, and it was a huge hit. You basically paid for the two lenses and got the camera for free – hard to argue with that.

Even if a new Fuji camera is coming, this gets you into the Fuji system with a camera and two lenses for under $1000 – if that is not a great deal then I do not know what is. Just to refresh your memory, the deal is the Fuji X-Pro1 with the 27mm F/2.8 and 35mm F/1.4 lenses. Final price is just $949.85.

Jump on this quick before they run out again. Get the deal over on B&H here.

Switronix TorchLED Bolt 220R


If you are shooting video at all, these little camera mountable LED lights can be a great asset during a shoot. Even for stills, if you are shooting macro and small subjects, these can be great for kicker lights.

Switronix is known for their LED lighting, and these TorchLED Bolt lights have a great reputation for their light and usability in the field. Grab one today over on B&H for $25 off plus some extras here.

Polsen VM-180M Microphone


How about another video focused deal, this time on a microphone. The Polsen VM-180m offers a great upgrade over your in-camera microphone and can really help up the production quality of your video through improved audio capture.

Right now, as in today only, you can save $70 too. Head on over to B&H to get the deal here.

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