The holidays are fast approaching and if you are not already looking you will likely be starting to look for gifts soon. This is the best time of year for deals and so we will be bringing you a daily report of some of the best deals that we can find on cameras, lenses, and other photo/video equipment.

Today we have a rapid fire deal report for you, so we only have two quick deals but boy are they good ones. If you are a Canon shooter than this is your week!

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Canon 70-200mm F/2.8L IS II Only $1899 ($300 Instant Savings + $300 Rebate) Quantity on this deal is limited to act fast if you want to get in on it.

UPDATE: Lots of you seem to be confused about how to redeem this deal. We reached out to B&H, and here is the procedure: You must add the lens to your cart, then proceed to checkout. Once you have begun checkout the price will drop to $2199. This is the price you will pay online. The other $300 off comes in the form of a $300 mail in rebate that must be sent in once you receive the lens.


Canon 6D Body Only $1649 ( $250 Instant Savings, *Add to Cart To see Price)