Over the last couple years, camera phone technology has taken huge leaps forward. Among the impressive improvements is low-light performance, focus accuracy, and ground-breaking features like in-phone editing and in-phone timelapses. One of the most overrated of these improvements, however, is probably the megapixel hype. In the world of camera advertising, more megapixels has somehow evolved to mean better cameras, but that’s simply not the case in most situations.

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So one of our writers has come up with an interesting infographic to answer the question, How Many Megapixels Does My Phone Really Need? Everyone in the market for a new phone worries that a chosen device won’t measure up to industry standards for camera quality. It’s not the easiest decision and Amazon reviews, T-Mobile reviews, and other reputable sites shouldn’t be the only determining factor in your next purchase.

Not sure how many megapixels your phone camera should offer to make 4×6 prints? Check out the handy guide for phone-to-print options, below.

How many Megapixels Does My Phone Really Need?