Whether you’re just starting your professional photographer career or run an established photo business, the end of year is the perfect time to look at the big picture of your marketing and build a strategy for the following year.

What numbers do I finish this year with? What clients send most referrals my way? What tools and technology are on the market to help me simplify my workflow in 2015? Taking time to answer these and other questions can make the difference between the success or failure of your photography business in the year to come.


The infographic below shows several fundamental aspects of successful online marketing for photographers. These basics can help you schedule your self-promotion activity for both quiet and busy seasons, as well as optimize the year-round marketing workflow. The 8 referral marketing tips included in the graphic are based on statistical data and feedback from professionals that the author gathered while developing his software solution for photographers. Use them to build an effective game plan for reaching your ideal customer.

Check out the infographic below or grab a downloadable PDF version here.

8 Tips for Wedding photographers.

Final Thoughts

As your photography business develops, you need to devote some significant amount of time to analytics and planning. You may have enough bookings today, but without a solid marketing strategy, you stunt your growth in the long run.

What are your most effective marketing techniques? What tools do you use to analyze and plan your promotion efforts? Share with fellow photographers in the comments!

About the Guest Contributor

Demetrio Fortman is a New-York based web developer and entrepreneur whose passion for photography led him to creating Defrozo, a free marketing platform for photographers. As Defrozo is heading to Kickstarter, Demetrio and the team are seeking the community’s feedback so that we could build an awesome product together. Connect with Demetrio on Twitter and Facebook.