Networking and collaborating with other photographers is an important part of the industry. Someone just starting out can learn all they the need to know to take a ‘perfect’ exposure, but there is so much more to photography and the community behind it. Social media is a great resource to start, but social media networking that way can only take you so far.

Photographers and media creators need to be more than just an avatar and a block of text, they need to actually meet others. By staying at home and being a keyboard warrior, you are missing out on an untapped resource that other photographers have. Whether you pick up a new idea for marketing, lighting tips, or how to handle particular clients; you can learn from your industry peers. #IndustryHour was created to bring wedding photographers, videographers, and other media creators to meet in a casual space where they can meet other individuals outside the walls of Facebook and Instagram.

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#IndustryHour came about when founder Annie Vickrey posted in a local Facebook group for Wedding Photographers in Philadelphia, asking if anyone wanted to get together for Happy Hour. There was a massive influx of positive responses, so Annie told SLR Lounge, “I sort of ran with it.

Unlike other ‘meet-ups’, there was no hidden agenda. No one was trying to sell workshops, or presets, people were there to meet there peers and have a good time. The first event was held at Buffalo Billiards in Old City Philadelphia. Around 88 photographers and videographers were hosted by the Vickrey and her AVE Network with the help of 7 sponsors including Blackrapid, Tamron, and Think Tank.

The first event hosted Mike Allebach was their guest lecturer who spoke about providing great customer service.

When asked about future events and where she hopes this goes Annie told us,

“We will continue to host a variety of events in the Philadelphia area every two or three months throughout the year. We will also be expanding our Network and #IndustryHour to different cities on the West Coast.

In January 2019 we will be arranging #IndustryConference, which will be a two-day event with several Educators (including Vanessa Joy and Jen Rozenbaum). In March 2019, we will be arranging a Made In Philly bridal show.”

If you are a photographer in the Philadelphia area, the next event will on March 28, 2018, at the same location as the first, Buffalo Billiards in Old City. As of writing this, they have 180 people registered and approximately 20 sponsors. This time our own Jay Cassario will be presenting about Defining your Style and Streamlining your Business.

Tickets are available for pre-order here, or at the door. Come see local writers for SLR Lounge, meet your peers, and have a drink.

To learn more about the AVE Network and #IndustryHour and see about any future events, you can check out their website here.

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