Say what you will about the Canon 7D needing an upgrade but the going on 5 year old camera body is still producing some of the best crop sensor imagery around. Alan Brock, an astrophotographer, used his stock Canon 7D to produce these amazing images from around the universe. Take a look at them below.

The-Andromeda-Galaxy M42-The-Orion-Nebula1 M45-The-Pleiades1 NGC-7000-The-North-American-Nebula1 The-Leo-Trio1


Alan recently did an interview with Planet 5D in which he talked about his setup and how he goes about getting these amazing images from our universe. One thing that was particularly interesting to me was that he used a filter called a “Light Pollution Filter”, I had no idea that anything like that even existed (See you learn something new every day).

Anyways if you are curious about how Alan was able to take these amazing shots on his stock Canon 7D head on over to Planet 5D and read the interview. It’s really good stuff.