We talk a lot about how to improve your photography on this site, but today I wanted to share a bit about who to improve your videography as well. Today’s tip comes to you from Caleb Pike from, and that is to “Shoot Like An Editor”.

I cannot say how much that I agree with this advice. The 7 steps that Caleb shares in the video are a wonderful guideline to help you really understand and grasp the finer points of videography.  Take a look below and learn how to improve your videos:

I think that this is great advice, a lot of it comes down to having a solid plan. Know what you want to get, what you need to get and what you should get as far as footage goes. Then just go crazy on the B-Roll.  Seriously, you can never have too much b-roll to choose from.

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What are your thoughts on these tips? Do any of them stand out to you and particularly helpful or enlightening? Let us know in a comment below!