Advertising and marketing your business is one of the most important parts of running (or starting) a successful photography business. Online advertising, specifically with Facebook or Google Ads, is constantly changing and we must always be on the look out for ways to improve and squeeze as much performance out of our marketing budgets as possible.

Halloween is a few days out and soon it will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas. This time of year is full of great reasons for people to be searching for a photographer -be it for family photos, last minute high school senior pics, or whatever – it is important that you develop a marketing strategy to get those people searching to find you.


Using Seasonal Hooks To Grab More Clients

One of the best ways to do that is through what I like to call “Seasonal Hooks”. A ‘Seasonal Hook’ (in our case as photographers) is any event during a season that a person may find themselves looking for a photographer.

A popular reason for getting photographs done this time of year is for the annual family picture that people send out in Christmas cards. So if you want to get some new clients it would be smart to have a few ad campaigns that focus on being attractive to people looking for family photos.

Another example is last minute senior portraits. High School Seniors – in general – are not known for being the most timely when making plans, it is likely that many have procrastinated and still need to get senior portraits done for their school yearbook. Tie that into a local event, such as the Homecoming Dance, and you have a  great hook to find some new clients.

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Marketing Those Seasonal Hooks

Finding the hooks in your area and for your business is the relatively easy part. Successfully marketing them is where it gets tricky because you may not be (and likely won’t be) the only one targeting that hook to gain more clients. Here are a few ideas and tips on marketing yourself successfully with a seasonal hook:

  1. Blog About The Hook – If you don’t have a blog you really should get one, and update it weekly at the least. But having a blog is less about your pictures and more about the words you use to describe them. When you blog you need to use lots of keywords that people related to that hook will find. So using the last minute senior portrait example again, if I were to write a post about it I would make sure yo mention local schools by name, talk about homecoming dance specifically, and then mention several times that there is still time to get those senior pics done before their schools deadline. Another idea here would be to write a post for each of the local schools you are targeting in your area, this way you can say what the deadline is for their school further improving the value of your post and possibly earning you a few more paying clients.
  2. Create Multiple Ads Related To The Hook – Creating one ad on Google or Facebook is not going to get you anywhere. You need to hit the hook from multiple angles, try different keywords, different demographics, different locations. The more ads you run on the hook the better, just make sure you stay within your budget. Its better to have several smaller ad campaigns with smaller daily budgets than one big one with a huge budget.
  3. Create Specific Landing Pages on Your Site For The Hook – Having a landing page setup specifically for your hook marketing is a great way to get the most out of it. A landing page is the page where someone goes after clicking on your ad. Many of us just send visitors to our home page, this is not the best because then the potential client needs to navigate the site to get more information. But if you have a nice landing page setup with all the information that the potential client needs to hire you then you could have a booking right then and there.

Using the Halloween example again: Schedule an event where parents can bring their kids and get some fun pictures taken of their kids in their costumes. Make it cheap (under $10 per kid), or even free and give away a small print or web sized file with the cost. You may not make a ton on this particular event, but think of it as marketing. They will think of you again later down the road for those christmas card photos, or end of the school year pictures.

These are just a few things to do that can help with your seasonal marketing projects. If you have anything to ad, or wish to share some more tips feel free to let loose in the comments below.