We’ve got some good news for Creatives looking for some print solutions! Imagely has launched the first-ever automated print fulfillment solution for WordPress. This is fairly big news for Imagely, WordPress, and the photo website industry (see below), as this impacts the majority of photographers today running a website alongside another service/website for their proofing and print sales. Check out the quick teaser here;

Why Is This A Big Deal?

This news is big because automated print fulfillment does not currently exist for WordPress, even though WordPress represents 35% of all websites.

Because WordPress can’t offer this service, many photographers need secondary websites outside of their WordPress sites – on services like Smugmug, Shootproof, or Zenfolio – just for client and print galleries.

Imagely is changing that. Photographers will be able to do everything they need on WordPress. This release thus has the potential to significantly disrupt both WordPress and the photography website industry, and because Imagely’s user base is already so large, (nearly one million users of NextGEN Gallery), they have the scale to genuinely deliver such an industry-changing service.

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How It Works

The Imagely print service will be part of NextGEN Pro, a premium extension for NextGEN Gallery. NextGEN Pro already has a full ecommerce system for selling manual prints and digital downloads.

The upcoming release will add automated print fulfillment in partnership with WHCC, one of the leading print labs in the United States.

Users add a price list based on WHCC’s catalog, markup their prices, associate that pricelist with a gallery, and start selling. After a sale, Imagely’s central server collects the images and forwards them to WHCC. We also bill the photographer for the cost of the print order. WHCC ships prints to the final customer. And that’s it.

Some Other Awesome Key Features Of This New Update

  • This amazing new service is commission-free.

  • It’s white-labeled package with the photographer’s information on it.

  • Added automated sales tax calculations with TaxJar.

  • Enhanced the overall performance of the plugin.

  • Added a new, tiled gallery display.

  • Improved things like currency conversion for international sellers.

  • This service can be used on any WordPress website, no matter where its hosted. But for the first release, prints can be shipped only to the US and Canada.

Imagely Print Integration - vision
Frame Anything with Imagely

Read The Full Press Release Here

Imagely, the WordPress photography company, has launched an automated print fulfillment service in partnership with White House Custom Colour. This marks the first time automatic print fulfillment is available to the broader WordPress community.

Imagely’s automated print service will be a feature of NextGEN Gallery Pro, a premium extension for NextGEN Gallery. NextGEN Gallery and NextGEN Pro are currently active on nearly one million websites.

Using NextGEN Pro, photographers can already sell manual prints and digital downloads. Now, print orders can be fulfilled and shipped automatically to customers through WHCC, one of the leading US print labs.

“Many photographers operate two websites,” say Erick Danzer, founder and CEO of Imagely. “They run a main website or blog on WordPress, but do print sales elsewhere. Print lab integration is necessary because automatic print fulfillment has not previously been possible on WordPress, even though WordPress runs 30% of all websites. That’s now changed. Photographers will now be able to do everything they need using WordPress.”

The release of print lab integration comes with other improvements to NextGEN Pro’s gallery and ecommerce system, including automated sales tax calculations with TaxJar, gorgeous new gallery displays, better pricelist management, improved back end user interface, and more.

Initially, automated print deliveries will be limited to the United States and Canada, though Imagely expects to expand the service globally.


Imagely is the leading provider of WordPress products and services for photographers. Imagely’s products are active on nearly one million websites. For more information, be sure to head over to the Imagely Blog and find out all about this update and more from the Imagely and NextGEN team!

Well what do you think? Do you have a wordpress based photo site? What print services do you use? Will you give this one a try? Let us know in the comments below.