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Ian Plant | Inspiring Nature Photography

By Emily Cariaga on August 6th 2013


Ian Plant has been a nature photographer and writer for almost 20 years. With dozens of books, video tutorials, blogs, and columns etc. under his belt, it is safe to say that he knows his stuff when it comes to photographing the natural world. His acclaimed e-book Visual Flow: Mastering the Art of Composition comes highly recommended by On Landscape Magazine and fellow adventure photographer Dan Bailey calls him a “modern day master of landscape and outdoor photography.”

Ian tells viewers of his work that he has a simple goal: “to share my vision of this beautiful world by educating and inspiring others in the art of nature photography. Ten years ago, I left my “real job” to pursue my passion for photography. Now, I spend countless hours in the wild waiting for the perfect convergence of light, mood, and composition—and I speak and write about these experiences and my artistic philosophy to inspire those who are eager to learn. My greatest hope is that my words and images will help others perfect their craft and take their creative vision to new heights!”

Take a look at some more of his photos below and let yourself be inspired by his work!














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Emily is a Lead Photographer at Lin and Jirsa Photography in Orange County, CA. She loves kittens, camping and sleeping in.

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  1. Anthony McFarlane

    Seeing wonderful natural landscape makes me want to move from Florida :/

    | |
  2. Warwick Burgess

    Beautiful work

    | |