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Hypnotic Installations – A Different Spin On Light Painting

By Lauren Kermelis on December 8th 2013

Light, we experience it every day, from the rising of the sun, to the flick of a light switch. It affects us in every way possible without it we could see nothing, and our day-to-day tasks would be much more difficult to accomplish.

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As humans, we are intrigued by the concept of light, especially when it is displayed in a manner that is out of the path of our every day experiences. Christmas lights bring a sense of magic, music is brought to life as waves of light dance at a concert, and we fall into a trance of wonder as our eyes consume its beauty.

Collaborative artists Noemi Schipfer and Takami Nakamoto have brought light to life in their own way with their newest project of hypnotic installations, “Daydream”. Within this project they fuse light with, audio, video, and geometric patterns to create video and images that will intrigue your mind.










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Lauren Kermelis is a freelance photographer wedding, portrait, and event photographer based out of Southern California.

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  1. Robert Sheppard

    this is great. I’m always looking for ways to make studio shots standout.

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  2. George Roberts

    Very interesting and a different take.

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