Back in February HTC announced the HTC One, their new top of the line smartphone. It featured android and everything you would expect from a top end smart phone, with one notable difference. The camera sensor was only 4MP, but it used larger 2.0uM pixels. HTC contended that these so called “Ultrapixels” could produce images of great quality and better low light performance (traditionally an issue for camera phones). recently did a thorough test to put these “Ultrapixels” to the test, pitting the HTC One’s 4MP camera against the Iphone 4s and its higher 8MP camera. The results have come back and according to DPreview the HTC One is great in Low Light and produces clean images with little to no noise. But the tradeoff is that your images have noticeably less detail than say the 8MP sensor on the Iphone 4S.


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My Thoughts

I think that I am leaning towards the side of HTC on this one. Let’s think about how often there is optimal light when people use their phone cameras… If you and people you know are anything like me and my network of family and friends the answer is close to never. Even personally I am always trying to take pictures indoors or at night, times where cameras in phones are notoriously terrible.

I think that the low MP is fine, honestly I’m never going to get a print of anything I took from my phone. The low light and low noise images that this sensor puts out are pretty good. I think I would take the “Ultrapixels” over the standard pixels in this case.

What do you guys think? Do you guys really need 8MP+ from your phones, or would you trade some of that extra detail for better low light and better noise control? Let us know in a comment below. 

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