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How We Shot It: Tide Pool Vertical Panorama

By Matthew Saville on February 3rd 2013

In this episode of “How We Shot It”, we’re going to talk about how to pre-visualize, set up, and capture the original frames that would go into a final image such as this:


Here’s the video:


There are three main obstacles to tackle in such an image:

1.)  Bracketing exposures, (HDR)
2.) Bracketing focus
3.) Panning the camera properly so that images can be merged easily in post-production.

(Of course if you don’t have the $$ for expensive panoramic equipment, you can make do with manual panning using any tripod that allows you to get the camera very close to the ground, while also giving full range of motion.)


Take care, and see you next time!
=Matthew Saville=


PS: Here are a few additional examples of this technique applied to other scenarios:


Woodbridge Lake – Irvine CA – 2005

Vancouver area – Small un-known island – 2005

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  1. Dkosiur

    Why didn’t you show us all of the frames used to create the panorama? That would have made your explanation a bit clearer…

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  2. Tsuther102

    Very well done, thanks!

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