In this video, photographer Mark Duffy shows how you can use just a few small LED’s, (Specifically 6 of the Spiff-y Gear KYU-6 lights) for some pretty incredible product photography. Along with his X-T3, Mark uses the KYU-6 lights to surround and highlight different sections of the X-Box controller for his shot. To avoid any harsh light on the reflections of the surface of the controller, he bounces his main light source off of a piece of A1 white cardboard to spread the light around making the reflections much nicer and smoother and providing highlights where he wants them. as you can see from the BTS image below, he then uses a 3rd light from below to provide a bit of depth and up-lift.

Xbox Controller BTS 10

Next, he’s positioned different colored KYU-6 around the border of the controller to provide some nice colored rim lights to make the controller pop! Remember to keep your audience in mind when choosing your colors as some combinations may not be visible to different people.

Check out the two finished looks below and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments section. Have you done much product photography? Have you used these or LED lights like this in your work or do you prefer strobes?

Xbox One Controller Red 1Xbox One Controller Teal

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