Serge Ramelli’s latest video shows us a fun trick in Adobe Lightroom to turn a photo from day to night! Using only a few local adjustments, Serge manages to take this daytime shot and creates a virtual “Blue Hour” image, with the addition of some warm lamplight as well!

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The video is just over 15 minutes long and goes over a full edit of two very different images with the only similarity between them being they were both captured near sunset. Serge transforms these photographs into nightscapes by adding glow to the lights/lamps, darkening the sky, painting in some targeted dodge & burn areas for accent, and making a few small local & global adjustments with Adobe Lightroom Classic. Granted, most of the edits made in the video were using presets that he sells on his site, but if you pay close attention, (And pause the video), you can see the settings made for each in order to do them yourself manually.

Eiffel Tower July 2020 4 2Eiffel Tower July 2020 4

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If you like this video, be sure to check out the rest of Serge’s dramatic photo editing tutorials on his YouTube channel here and let us know what you think in the comments below.