In this video from Mango Street, the team gives their YouTube channel art a much-needed refresh, along with the rest of their social media profiles. Just like it’s in your best interest to constantly be updating your portfolio, refreshing your profile images are just as important! It’s always good to let your viewers and clients know who you are. So let’s dive into the steps needed to plan and capture a new set of Profile Pictures.

Step 1 – Concept / Mood / Theme

The ultimate goal here is to choose a concept that will tell potential clients everything they need to know about you. The Mango Street team has to take a cohesive set of striking images that will stop a viewer in their tracks and remember us!

Step 2 – Wardrobe

Mango Street Profile Photo Shoot 5

Choosing a striking outfit is important, and only one thing comes to mind; The Tux!

Step 3 – Location, Location, Location!

They wanted to choose 2 spots where they shoot the most; In their studio, and in the wild! So they’ll be shooting in front of the mural in their studio and in an open field which should juxtapose with the suits and provide lots of space for social distancing.

Step 4 – Lighting

The Mango Street Team prefers shooting with natural or available light so we’ll be doing that for this shoot. We may add a bounce here or there but nothing extreme. We want these images to reflect who we are.

Step 5 – Lens Composition

Seeing as how different social platforms utilize different sizes for their headers and profile images, we have to capture the shots using a couple of different focal lengths. For things like Instagram where a 1×1 format works great, we’ll shoot with the 85mm, whereas with YouTube and things need to be much wider, we’ll shoot with a 24mm or 35mm. This will enforce the look of our typical style.


Now with the help of a trusted friend and fellow photog, the mango street team will have a whole set of different, yet cohesive images to use across all of our social media platforms!

Do you use the same image across all of your social media platforms? Does it speak to how you do things in your business? Have you created a cohesive set like the Mango Street team? Be sure to check out the full video to see all of the images and outtakes captured on this adventure and let us know what you think in the comments below.

*Content shared with permission