Like most of us out there, when we’re hungry for something new, we tend to head to social media to figure out where we’re going to eat next. That decision is largely based on the photos and videos of the food we see presented on their sites.

When you see an epic food photo or video…you know you want to go there for yourself! So how are those shots made? Often for a big budget commercial there’s HUGE robotics and crews involved in making everything just right, but what can we do if we want to do something just as epic but on a much tighter budget?

Syrp Food Shoot Epic Hero Shot - Pancake
Epic Pancake from the Syrp Food Commercial Shoot

That’s where the team at Syrp come in. They decided to see if they could recreate a big-budget Hollywood level food commercial using their own products, (Genie II Linear and Genie Mini II), and some old-fashioned “food enhancement” trickery. Lets have a look at the video below;

What’s Covered In The Video

In this BTS video, the team at Syrp walk you through the whole process of creating an “epic” food commercial. The topics include;

  • Choosing the Food & Recipe to use
    • Figuring out what “hacks” to improve the look of the product
  • Figuring out the setup and logistics
    • What gear to use and how
  • The never-easy process of post-production to put the finishing touches on your commercial
    • What software to use, what steps to take
  • Producing the Final Shot and what lessons were learned
    • There are definitely some things they figured out during post they could have done on the shoot to save a lot of time. Sometimes practice makes perfect, and now the team knows how to save a lot of headaches the next time they try to create something like this.
Post Production BTS of the Syrp Food Shoot
Post Production BTS of the Syrp Food Shoot

The big take away is, you don’t always need a huge budget and massively expensive robotics to create something that looks like it was. Basically, there’s a lot of fun things you can do with gear you may already have in your backpack. Taking what most people use for just creating a timelapse or repeating motion video, they were able to make something new and creative, just remember to plan out every step of the way.

The team at Syrp also issued a challenge at the end of this video (and blog post); for “YOU to use your Syrp gear to do something creative and different.” Share your videos with them and you might just get featured on their site!

So, what do you think? Did the Syrp team miss anything during their process of filming this “commercial”? Is there anything you may have done differently? Have you made a food or product video using similar or “budget” setups? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to share your creative shoots with Syrp, (If you’re a Syrp owner), for a chance to be featured on their social channels!

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