Looking to free up some extra disk space on your PC or Mac? If you’re anything like me, you’ve been running your system just the way you like it for a while now and you’ve gone through update after update from the operating system to all your favorite apps. We don’t often think about what gets left behind on our computers after doing these updates. I mean, I know I hadn’t at least!

While it may not be a TON of space, with today’s video and photo files getting larger and larger, we need every little bit we can get to keep things running smoothly! So with that, be sure to check out the video above from the DIY Photography team. You’ll probably be surprised at just how many things get left behind after updating your Adobe apps! This makes me wonder what’s still kicking around from all my other apps I’ve installed and updated over the last year or two. Maybe it’s time for me to just format the computer and start with a fresh slate? haha.

The video goes through how to find and clean up these old files on both PC and Mac computers, and also the most important tip, to always keep just the last version around (don’t delete them all) as you never know if there’s a bigger bug out there that will make you want to roll back to your previous version. As an added bonus for some extra file space, be sure to check ~AppData\Local\Temp to make sure there aren’t any temporary Photoshop scratch files that didn’t get cleaned up and delete those!