ben-von-wong-3As photographers, we are problem solvers. We look for the magic numbers (by way of ISO, shutter speed, and aperture) to unlock the combination to amazing imagery. We calculate when the sun will be at the optimal place to help us produce breathtaking pictures. We search for the right locations to place our subjects and frame them just so, for that image that people will stare at in awe. A good photographer is a good problem solver and to be a good problem-solving photographer, you need to be flexible and be able to think outside of the box.

There’s a reason we feature the work of Benjamin Von Wong quite a bit. Ben’s work is nothing short of remarkable as he strives to push himself creatively and passionately each project. He is a master at thinking outside of the box. (He’s also a very nice, down to earth guy). Each one of Ben’s photo shoots seem to be in another exotic locale – in the middle of a shipwreck underwater in Bali or on top of skyscrapers – and it’s his willingness to fearlessly try something completely new and different that makes his work stand out in the industry.

Ben-won-wong-1 Ben-von-wong-4

Earlier this year, Ben was in Australia for a speaking engagement and planned a shoot at the Pinnacles, on the suggestion of a fellow photographer. As the best-laid plans tend to do, Ben ran into a major issue the last moment. The project was centered around some elaborate headpieces that would not arrive on time.

This meant two choices: I could either cancel the entire project, disappoint my team ready to drive from up to 7 hours away to help assist, and twiddle my thumbs… or try to find a solution and shoot regardless. I opted for the latter.

A last minute scramble ensued and with no plan in place, and using a camera that he’d never shot with before (Sony A7R + Zeiss 16-35mm + Para 133), Ben set out to do what he does best – make pretty pictures. Battling wind and shutter lag by using teamwork and a little ingenuity, Ben was able to once again knock it out of the park with some gorgeous images. You can read Ben’s entire account of the shoot in his original blog post here.


Watch the behind the scenes video below where Ben explains the process.

You can see more of Benjamin Von Wong’s work on his website here.