After several long months of saving your pennies, skipping your favorite Starbucks habit for far too long, hoarding your tax return (what tax return, you’re a business owner?!), you finally buy the lens you’ve been eyeballing on B&H since last Christmas. Holding the new lens in your hand is as magical as you imagined it to be. Then there comes a day when you have to clean this fragile thing of beauty and you grab the edge of your t-shirt…


Stop right there. DO NOT clean your lenses with the shirt off your back. There are better, safer and more effective ways to do so, and the following video gives an in-depth look at one through and safe way to clean your camera lens. The 7-minute video below is a few years old, but is still a helpful guide to cleaning your lens properly.


In this lens cleaning method, Evan Luzi from the Youtube channel, The Black and Blue, uses the following items:

For those of you that are fastidious about cleaning your lenses, this is definitely the video for you.

For more photography and filmmaking tips for camera assistants, check out the Black and Blue blog here.

Of course, this is only one of the many methods you can use to clean your lenses, what method do you use?