We’ve all encountered those devil dust spots at one point or another – you know, those ones that appear either on our lens or camera sensor ruining your bright blue skies? Even though a thorough sensor cleaning can alleviate this issue, we don’t always have the time or luxury of sending in our gear and must resort to fixing this issue in post-production.

In this video tutorial, SleekLens shows us just exactly how to remove dust spots from your images in Lightroom.


1. Find our where your dust spots are

The easiest way to locate these spots is to point your camera up to a clear sky and take a properly exposed photo. The spots are often visible just on the back of your LCD screen, but pulling them into Lightroom will allow you to pinpoint where they are and how many you are dealing with.

2. Spot Removal tool


LR’s wonderful Spot Removal Tool is our knight in shining armor to combat these despicable spots. You can either Clone or Heal the selected spot while adjusting the amount of Feather and the Opacity of the selection. Use the Heal option for removing dust spots because it tends to have an easier time blending back into the image. LR allows you to either make a single circle selection or you can paint over larger areas to make a bigger selection.

3. Visualize Spots Tool

The aforementioned solution does the trick, but many are unaware of another option in LR: the Visualize Spots tool located above the bottom bar when using the Spot Removal Tool. With just a single click, LR will create a dust curve that helps you see even the most minuscule dust spots unseen by the naked eye. Within the SLRL Preset System, we have a one-click preset to create a Dust Curve using Develop module settings, we go over the creation of this in our Lightroom Crash Course – upgrade to Premium now and stream the entire workshop!


Be cautious before removing every little spot in your image because some of spots that appear using the Visualize Spots Tool are actually just textures in your image. Watch the full tutorial here and say goodbye to dust spots for good:

Source: SleekLens