Every Wednesday night at 8PM Pacific Standard Time (with a few exceptions), we hold a Live Google Hangout!

Tonight, January, 16, 2012, join Post Production Pye as he explains Processing HDR Photographs live on Google +.  Be sure to follow us on the SLR Lounge Google Plus Page to join in!

Why participate? This is essentially a free workshop where you have the chance to ask questions and learn from your peers. Think of it as a study group or even a classroom.

How Does It Work?

Google Allows for up to 10 people to “hangout” at a time. The 10 participants will be able to ask questions and join the discussion. The rest can watch live on

Unfortunately, we will have to kick out people in the hangout who aren’t participating to make room for those with questions. (As mentioned, you would still be able to watch it live on

Hangout Etiquette

While Hanging out, please do not mute other people. Please have headphones on to reduce echo. Of course, be nice and courteous. And most importantly … participate!

How Do I Join the Hangout?

If you want to join the hangout as a participant, please send an email immediately to You will get the initial invite to join the Hangout. After that, we’ll open it up to the public to join. We won’t know the exact link until we start the hangout, but we’ll be sure to announce the hangout just before it starts on our Google + Page.

Can’t Get in or Have Questions?

As mentioned, Google only allows 10 people to hangout at once. Be sure to watch live and see if the number dips below 10. When that happens, click on the hangout link and jump on in!

Also, the moderator will be checking our Google + Page for questions that you post; and he will ask the instructor at the appropriate times during the hangout.

The Final Video

For those who missed it, the final video will be posted below when we’re done.