At times, it feels like playing Tetris. Organizing a large group people to make an aesthetically pleasing portrait is never an easy feat. And if you’re a wedding photographer trying to figure out (in the midst of a stressed out wedding planner who is behind schedule, and a wedding party that is ready to party), where Great Aunt Sally is and how to place the other 25 extended family members, the task is gargantuan enough to make you want to sit down and cry (or scream).



Poses groups of people can be a frustrating experience for not only you but the client as well, which is why it is very important you know how to do it and do it relatively well before the situation arises. In the following video clip from CreativeLive, photographer Scott Robert Lim gives us tips on setting up group photos. This is part of Scott’s Think Like a 10K Wedding Photographer course, which talks about making your photography business a luxury brand.

The very first tip and a very important one, is finding flat, even light – which sometimes, as you know, is easier said than done. In total, there are 9 tips in the video, but actually quite a bit more as Scott goes into some detail on lighting, posing, background, building rapport, and much more in this 17+ minute video.

Whether it’s posing 5 people or 20 people, Scott says in the video that you must learn to pose one person before you can pose groups of people well. When I took one of Scott’s workshops, he showed us how he sets up and places each individual person, giving specific directions and putting it all together like a pieces in a puzzle. Here is one of the images I took at that workshop, using some of Scott’s group posing techniques.

Photo by Hanssie @ Scott Robert Workshop

Watch the video below for more great tips from Scott Robert and check out his website here.

[Via ISO1200]