The day of the wedding a photographer has to don many hats. We tend to borrow many of the tricks of product photographers for the details, but also food photographers and journalists. First and foremost, however, we are portrait photographers. It is our responsibility to capture our clients, and to a certain extent, our future clients, in the most flattering way.

When photographing the groom and his groomsmen, ‘Spinal Tap’ usually is mentioned when I tell them to turn the swagger up to 11. The guys usually take this seriously and embrace their inner GQ or they take it as a joke – either way, it makes for great images.

For the bridesmaids, however, a little more attention to detail is required – and not just as a group, but for each individual bridesmaid. Vanessa Joy over at Adorama TV gives a few of her tips for capturing a bride with her ladies.

[REWIND: 10 Bridal Poses for Wedding Photographers]

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In the video, Vanessa Joy describes a pose where, if the bridesmaids shift their weight to the back hip and lend toward the bride, it has the effect of creating a flattering, and slimming pose. One trick to keep in mind, if I might add, is to think “If it can bend, bend it.” By ensuring the elbows and knees are not locked, will create are a more natural looking pose.

Asking the bridal party to laugh on the sport can often time produce results that are the exact opposite of you intend to capture – shy, awkward body language. Vanessa’s approach is better, as asking the party to over exaggerate their actions and movements in a comical way will produce genuine laughter.

Check out the video for a quick primer and actionable take-aways.

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