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How To Make A DIY Gimbal For Smartphones

By Fred Simmons on June 4th 2019

Using only their smartphone and some items found around the house, the COOPH team created a “DIY Gimbal” rig capable of capturing stable shots, even for high-speed action! We’re sure you will enjoy it and maybe even try it out for yourself!

Check out The video in the link below:

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It might not look like much, but it certainly got the job done! What do you think? Have you done any DIY projects like this? Lets see the results in the comments below.


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  1. Travis Pinney

    Gimbals are so cheap now that I don’t see why anyone would take the time to do this, let alone carry it around.

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  2. Jared Gant

    There are definitely a lot of different ways to skin a cat.  For the hobbyist or DYI-er this might be a great option. .

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