Join Pye Jirsa, co-founder of Lin & Jirsa Photography and SLR Lounge, on CreativeLive this week for his latest course “How to Launch a Photography Business.” In this course, Pye shares the strategy and approach that built the foundation for success.  This will be unlike any other business course you’ve ever seen.

What He’ll Cover:

  • Low-cost web marketing & SEO
  • Branding & positioning your business to attract your ideal client
  • Pricing and basic financing
  • Creating a business plan
  • How to build your portfolio
  • How to get your first customer in the door
  • Getting leads and new clients
  • Understanding sales & the psychology of a buyer
  • … Much More!


Dates: February 21st to February 23rd 2018
Time: 9:00AM PST
(Available for purchase after the event)


Watch live online. Click here to Register

Will this be in SLR Lounge Premium?

The course is exclusive to CreativeLive and will NOT be in SLR Lounge Premium.  However, the same topics will be covered (in greater depth), along with many other business-related topics, in 2018 within Premium.

On our own platform, we’re able to provide longer, more comprehensive education,  templates, and other resources.  We can dive into niche topics and cater the education to our particular community.

So while we highly encourage that you register for course, we’ll never forget to take care of our Premium Members.