Have you ever thought to yourself, “Hmm, I’m done with upward mobility. It’s time to get fired.” If so, and your current ambitions have led you to work as a photo assistant on someone else’s set, Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens has got all of your answers in his newest video. For best results, read this article with a Starbucks latte in one hand and your smartphone in the other while on set.



If you’ve followed directions thus far, you’ve likely got an edge on this one. Make sure to look at your phone while activity bustles around you. Don’t join in or look for something to do, just keep scrolling and you’re well on your way to getting fired.


That client could be yours, you know. Give them a business card to help seal the deal, and chat with them as much as you can while you have them in front of you on someone else’s set. Since you’ll be getting fired anyway, you may as well work on ‘plan B.’


Make sure to tell whoever is in charge exactly what you think about everything, especially if it’s something major and important. Bonus points if the client hears. Obviously, you know better than those in charge, so make your voice heard! You’ll be out on your own in no time!

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Being an unconscientious slob is a great way to get yourself fired if that’s your goal. Paying no mind to the fact that others are also working and leaving things in their way to create even more work for them is great for this.

For the rest of Jay’s tips, plus opposing pearls of wisdom on how to actually keep your job, in case you’d prefer, check the video below!