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Lightroom is quite good when it comes to fixing red eye via the Red Eye Correction Tool. However, as you get more and more into photography, you should find that red eye reduction is rarely ever needed.

The reason being that red eye is actually created when you are shooting in low light with cameras that have flashes that are placed very close to the lens element. Because the pupil of our eyes are so wide open in low light settings, the light from the flash is entering the pupil and reflecting off of the blood in the blood vessels in the back of our eye. The reflected light comes out red and goes straight into the lens, and thus you have an image with red eye.

However, as you upgrade your camera to a DSLR and begin shooting with a hot shoe mounted flash, red eye rarely occurs because the light is no longer coming into the pupil at the exact same angle of the lens. As you begin bouncing your hot shoe flash, and then moving to off camera flash, you can pretty much kiss red eye completely bye bye. So, while it is important to know how to fix red eye, it may be a tool you rarely visit.

In this Lightroom video tutorial, we will teach you how to fix and remove red eye using Lightroom’s Red Eye Removal Tool. It is a very simple process and we will be done in a jiffy, so sit back and enjoy!

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Full RAW Exercise Files (265MB) – For faster connections. The full RAW files will allow you to follow the tutorials while achieving the exact same results as shown.
JPEG Exercise Files (24MB) – For slower connections. The JPEG files will allow you to follow the tutorials, although the results may vary due to not having the image details of the full RAW file.

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