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In this tutorial, we will go over how to set up a standard import metadata preset. Metadata provides a location for information such as a name, copyright, website, address, etc to be stored with the image. Once you have set up a metadata preset, you can quickly apply metadata to all of your images in just a few clicks. But for now, we will only be discussing how to set up this preset. Stay tuned for our next tutorial, which will go over how to include the metadata preset created in this tutorial in a standard import preset.

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Setting Up the Standard Import Metadata Preset

Before we set up our preset, we need to make sure we are in the Library Module. To get there, hit “Ctrl + Alt + 1” or simply select a Library view mode. Once we are in the Library Module, go to the Metadata Menu, which is at the very top. Select “Edit Metadata Presets,” as shown below.

01_edit-metadata-preIn this tutorial, we will beenu

Once you have selected “Edit Metadata Presets,” a dialogue box will appear, like the one below.


We will only be filling out the “IPTC Copyright” and the “IPTC Creator” fields. You can add whatever additional information you would like, but we do want to keep this preset rather generic so that we can use it on all of our images.

IPTC Copyright

First, we are going to fill in the “IPTC Copyright” field. Expand this field by simply clicking on the arrow next to “IPTC Copyright.” Next, make sure you check the box so that the copyright will be included in the preset. Now, you can start filling in your information.

First, put in whatever name or company name you want for “Copyright.” As you can see in our example below, we put “SLR Lounge.” For the “Copyright Status,” select “Copyrighted” from the dropdown menu. For the “Rights Usage Terms,” we are going to type in “With express permission only.” Finally, for the “Copyright Info URL,” put in the specific copyright URL. Since SLR Lounge does not have a specific copyright URL, we will just put “” However, if we actually had a specific URL for the copyright, then we would put that there (for example, “”). Make sure you put your personal information in and not ours! Also, be sure to check the boxes next to “Copyright,” “Copyright Status,” “Rights Usage Terms,” and “Copyright Info URL.” See below for our example.


IPTC Creator

Next, we are going to fill out the “IPTC Creator” field. Once again, expand this by clicking on the arrow and make sure you have checked the box next to “IPTC Creator” so that it is included in the preset. Now, just fill out your information! For the fields that you do not fill out, make sure they are unchecked. It is a good idea to put down your email in case someone has any copyright inquiries and needs to contact you. As you can see in the example below, I have kept my information rather generic.


Saving Our Preset

Now that we have filled out the “IPTC Copyright” and “IPTC Creator” fields, we are going to save our metadata preset. To save our preset, go to the top of the Edit Metadata Presets Dialogue Box and select “Save Current Settings as New Preset” from the dropdown menu, as shown below.


Another dialogue box will appear, where you will enter the name of your preset. Once you have finished, hit “Create.” In our example below, I have named it “Standard Import – SLR Lounge.”


After you have created your preset, it will take you back to the Edit Metadata Presets Dialogue Box. Hit “Done” to finish creating your preset.


Conclusion & Learn More!

Remember to keep your information rather generic because you do not know who will have access to this information. In addition, you can now apply this preset to all of your images because it is generic. Be sure to leave some sort of contact information, such as your email, just in case someone wants needs to reach you in regards to your photo. Once again, this tutorial only shows how to create a metadata preset. To learn how to include this preset in a standard import preset, stay tuned for our next tutorial.

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