Looking to add a little more Cyberpunk or Sci-Fi feel to your images? In this video tutorial from our friend Clifton Lofthouse over at Fstoppers will show you how to create a cool glitch effect in under five minutes with Photoshop.

Clifton explains the first part is creating an RGB effect on your image by making it black and white, turning one of the RGB channels off, and then separating the color channels. Then you’ll start creating the glitches by slicing out some pieces from a copied layer and moving them so they are misaligned from the rest of the image. Once you’ve added various glitches all over the image then you can start adding the scan lines. Similar to an old TV set, to achieve the scan lines, you’ll use the filter library and select the halftone pattern in the Line Setting, and then use a preferred blend mode to add the final scan lines into the image.

It all seems pretty simple and while there might be some more complicated Photoshop tools used, Clifton manages to make the learning quick and easy to follow along with in this short, but detailed video. Be sure to let us know what you think and to show us how you’re sci-fi edited images turn out in the comments below!