At one point or another in their career, every photographer should practice product photography. It’s useful for weddings to get creative detail shots, and it can help you learn how to light much more efficiently and precisely for your portraits, not to mention how useful it is to have a catalog of product work in your back pocket for future commercial opportunities!

In this 4 Minute Film School video from the team at Aputure, they’ll show you how to use just a single light to create a “versatile and good-looking overhead product lighting” that will make just about anything look incredible! Top Lighting, or Overhead Lighting will create dramatic highlights and shadows on your products to make it look much slick and desirable. In the video, the team will show this technique using high-end lighting as well as a budget-friendly lighting option to show how to create this epic look at home.

Be sure to notice that in addition to the lighting, Esteron chooses a dark, reflective surface on which to place the products. This will give your product a bit of additional character and style. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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