Creating a Lookbook

Lookbooks are powerful marketing tools used by retail businesses to showcase clothing to customers and build buzz about a brand. Those of you interested in commercial shooting will likely be interested in this gem of an article that I came across today about creating lookbooks over on Seniorologie. In the article the author, Courtney DeLaura, dishes out a boat load of information on lookbooks including the creative process, some advice, and some great examples from one of her recent lookbooks for Altar’d State.

Creating Lookbooks

A key piece of information that I took to heart from her article was that lookbooks are about branding, they are not a catalog. Unlike a catalog a lookbook is not meant to sell the clothing, it is meant to excite a viewer about a product, entice them to check out the store/website or learn more about the brand. This is just one of the great pieces of information shared in this article, if lookbooks are something that you are interested in doing I highly suggest that you take a look at the article.