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Did you know that we can use Lightroom to create realistic catch lights as well as enhance existing ones?

In this Lightroom tutorial, we will be teaching you how to create a catch light from a hard flash as a light source, as well as a reflector as a light source on an image without any catch light in the eyes.

Now, to create a realistic catch light, it is important to understand how different light sources create different types of catch lights. From simple pin point flash catch lights to complex window lit and studio lit catch lights, each has a different shape, consistency, brightness, graduation, etc.

So, when creating a catch light in your image, be sure to match the type of catch light to the type of light source that was used to light your subjects face.

In the first Lightroom video tutorial, we will create a catch light coming off of a hard flash, which will be very simple. Then in the second video, we will go into creating a catch light from a reflector light source which will require a little more attention to detail.


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Full RAW Exercise File (11MB) – This full RAW file will allow you to follow the tutorial while achieving the exact same results as shown.

How to Create a Catch Light From a Direct Flash as a Light Source

How to Create a Catch Light From a Reflector as a Light Source


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