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When most of us think of a flare, we think of a star type flare coming from the sun, or a light source within our image. However, a flare occurs whenever light enters directly into the camera lens. These flares can look like a white spot, be in the shape of a star, or just simply just wash out image contrast. Regardless, these are all types of flares, and every type of flare affects imagery in the same way, just to varying degrees.

In addition, overexposures also work very similarly to flares in how they affect your image. Both flares and overexposures reduce overall contrast, saturation and sharpness.

In this Lightroom video tutorial, we are going to teach you how to deal with flares as well as overexposures in regards to basic color correction. We are going to be working through two examples looking to improve contrast, sharpness, as well as correcting and smoothing our highlights.

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Full RAW Exercise Files (265MB) – For faster connections. The full RAW files will allow you to follow the tutorials while achieving the exact same results as shown.
JPEG Exercise Files (24MB) – For slower connections. The JPEG files will allow you to follow the tutorials, although the results may vary due to not having the image details of the full RAW file.


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