This week, the COOPH photographers focused on an exciting DIY project: a self-made pinhole camera! Pinhole cameras use the principle of camera obscura, in which light travels through a small hole in a dark box to form a picture. While it may seem like some intense work to make either of these pinhole cameras, given the spare time a lot of us have given the pandemic, and if you’re like me, the urge to create, this could be just the fun project to get you out and inspired again.

The Matchbox Pinhole

COOPH Pinhole camera 8COOPH Pinhole camera 7

The Lens Cap Version

It’s also a great way to experiment and appreciate all we have in modern DSLR and MIrrorless systems. It’s amazing to think about how far photography has progressed in the last few years and what current photo & video technology allows us to do with ease!

Check out the two different versions they tested and see how some of the images turned out in the galleries above. What’s your favorite picture? The Matchbox or the Lenscap? Let us know in the comments below!