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How OK GO Shot Their Zero Gravity Music Video In One Take (Behind the Scenes)

By Hanssie on February 19th 2016

Last week, the band Ok Go released their latest music video for their newest song, Upside Down & Inside Out. If you follow the band at all, you’ll know that the creativity and innovation in their music videos knows no bounds. Previously, we wrote about another video of theirs, “The Writing is on the Wall;” It was also a one take video full of antics and gravity defying mind tricks.


With OK GO’s latest video, the band has outdone themselves in a ridiculously fun and colorful video shot in vomit-inducing zero gravity.


They explain how they did it (and it’s as crazy as it looks). The members of the band float around in a real airplane that is flying in the air. The group actually filmed the entire video in a set built in a large cargo plane and worked with professional cosmonaut trainers outside of Moscow. Called a parabolic flight, the plane essentially tossed the band members in the air and then catches them…like a terrifying roller coaster in real life.

They are weightless for about 27 seconds at a time, where they flip and bounce in a choreographed chaos. The band wanted the challenge of doing it all in one take, and so the song was cut into eight segments and filmed in the eight parabolas when the plane was in its zero-gravity state. In between those segments, the band had to sit perfectly still and wait for the plane to reset and then they would do it again.

Other fun facts:

  • There were ten pilots that flew the plane AT THE SAME TIME
  • The band took a lot of anti-nausea medicine, but the crew decided to go all natural (there were 58 documented times where someone on the crew hurled)
  • One of the band members actually passed out from doing multiple spins in the air

Watch the video below and then check out the behind the scenes footage of the shenanigans at zero gravity.

OK Go’s Upside Down & Inside Out Video

Behind the Scenes

[Via ISO1200 and RedBull]

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Andre Queree

    Very cool. Wouldn’t want to be on the cleanup crew. :P

    | |
  2. Ralph Hightower

    Their video “The Writing is on the Wall” is cool for the optical illusions. My favorite is their “This Too Shall Pass” Rube Goldberg video since everything had to work perfectly in sequence.
    This video ranks up there with “This Too…”, plus it involves zero G.

    | |
  3. Tyler Friesen

    coolest concept for a music video

    | |
  4. Barry Chapman

    To say it’s one take is a bit of a stretch. While they say it wasn’t edited they joined several segments together over the course of multiple flights and parabolas. To be fair the periods of weightlessness aren’t long enough to allow them to do it any other way but it was still more than “one take”.

    | |
    • Joseph Ford

      You are correct, the vomit comet only permits somewhere between 20 – 30 seconds of actual weightlessness per-free fall.

      | |
    • Hanssie

      I think it’s one take in the fact that each segment could only be done once. Then all eight segments were stitched together. As opposed to reshooting any given parabola as many times as they could to perfect it.

      | |
  5. Joseph Ford

    That’s so cool, a ride in the vomit comet.

    | |