As wedding photographers we are often plagued with the disease of over-ambition; we walk into a scene and see multiple spots to photograph and get trigger happy. It is common with locations that inspire us in different ways with a plethora of choices for backdrops.

The cure for this common ailment is to SLOW DOWN. Take more time in one scene before running off to a different background. The issue is that photographers think that sticking to one scene will make their portfolio look stale and they will end up with less variety but is that even true?


How many crops can you make from this one scene?

If you work within one scene, and restrict yourself from moving on to a different location, how many images can you really create? In our latest chapter of Roundtable Critique (available for Premium members only) we came across this common issue and saw a lack of cohesion in the storytelling aspect of the wedding day. By moving from scene to scene we lose a sense of why we posed our couple at that first location in the first place.

To really hammer this point home we took the above image and showed exactly how many crops we could make that inevitably were missed opportunities for shots in the scene. By slowing down and assessing the scene and the details you have in front of you, there are a variety of shots you could take that would help tell a stronger, more cohesive story. Here are all the possible outcomes:

Why should you shoot so many shots in one scene?

If you think of this as a puzzle then it will be clear to understand that necessity of showcasing the small details in each scene before running off and creating an entirely new puzzle. Each piece plays a crucial role in creating an end image/story. We often breeze past smaller parts of a scene like hands being held or a bouquet of flowers, because it doesn’t appease our creative needs as portrait photographers. These details will prove to be necessary later on for album design or wall art printing when you need multiple parts of a scene to tell a cohesive story.

Critique has always been a focus here on SLR Lounge for our community members to learn and grow to become more detail-oriented artists.

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