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How it’s Lit: Annie Leibovitz’s Hansel & Gretel Lada Gaga Vogue Shoot

By fotosiamo on February 2nd 2013

Finding inspiration from the classic Hansel and Gretel story, Annie Leibovitz shot Lada Gaga as the witch in that fairy tale for the December 2009 edition of Vogue. This image reenacts the scene where the two children turn the table on the witch and throw her into the oven. It may not be a recent issue, but the breakdown of the lighting is interesting, nonetheless.

Annie Leibovitz Lady Gaga Hansel Gretel

Guess the Lighting dissected the lighting that Annie employed for this scene and concluded that Annie must have lit and shot Lady Gaga and the two models separately.

I’m also guessing this image was not all shot together, in-camera. I don’t see how Annie could have achieved the vibrant red light on the oven and ground while keeping the models lit mostly white. I think the camera was locked off with Gaga being shot by herself, then the two models shot separately. 6 lights were used in total and the final image was composited in post.

Annie Leibovitz Lady Gaga Hansel Gretel

Annie Leibovitz Lady Gaga Hansel Gretel

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  1. Joseph Prusa

    Thanks for sharing

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  2. kenyee

    I was trying to figure out how the red was done w/o looking at the diagrams too…the top rim of the door looks like it was lit from the inside which makes no sense :-P

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