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Swallow 35mm News & Insight

How far will you go for your Art? Photography students swallow 35mm film in the name of Art

By Leo Hoang on June 13th 2012

Swallow 35mm

Two graphic design students whom attend Kingston University went to some extreme lengths for their final year photography project.

Luke Evans and Josh Lake both swallowed a single 35mm film frame to see what effects their digestive systems would have on it.

They rolled up the film in a canister which had holes in it which allowed the fluids, acids and enzymes in their stomachs to penetrate and have their full effect on the 35mm film frame inside. The film then made its full journey (yes, you read that right lol) through their digestive system, and then it was scanned using an electron microscope to see what effect their digestive system had on the surface of the film.

The theme for this project was “Inside Out” and I think it’s safe to say they definitely stuck to that theme.

Personally, I would’ve just assumed they would just end up on the floor having stomach cramps and with some doo-doo photos (no pun intended). However I must admit, the images do look very interesting.

It is slightly short notice, but if you’re nearby, checkout their work which is being exhibited at the Hoxton Gallery in London. Today is the last day unfortunately, however you can view their work on their website by clicking here.

Swallow 35mm 1
Swallow 35mm 2
Swallow 35mm 3
Swallow Exhibit


Leo Hoang is a professional photographer based in London who shoots Weddings, Events and Real-Estate.

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  2. Ed Rhodes

    needs examples of non-digested film at the microscopic level for comparison

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  3. Josh

    Great pictures!

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