Only hours remain on several instant savings deals and rebates on major brands like Zeiss, Fuji, Pentax, and Sigma over on B&H. These deals are only valid until 11:59pm EST tonight (8:59pm PST), so if you have been thinking about it, now is the time to act.


Expiring Deals

These are not super amazing deals, but there are some nice savings available if you were contemplating taking the plunge on one of these lenses anyway. If you are interested in all of the deals expiring tonight, and not just the ones that I chose to highlight, you can find all the Pentax deals here, Fuji deals here, and the Zeiss deals here.

The only Sigma deal expiring is that 50mm lens, which by the way, is still an amazing lens if you get a good copy of it. I do recommend testing it thoroughly after buying, and if any issues come up, try and get it replaced or fixed while still under warranty. But like I said, one of the best 50mm lenses on the market if you get a good copy of it.