I came across an interesting guest post over on the PHLEARN blog today. The post was written by Jason Wallis a commercial fashion, advertising and corporate photographer in Southern California. I am over simplifying the post, but the underlying theme is that hourly rates will lose you money. I am going to go into my thoughts on the matter below, but you should head over to PHLEARN and check out the original post.


So my thoughts on Hourly rates as photographers. I agree in part with what Jason talks about, but I feel like there is still a way to get hourly rates that work. Just as he talks about changing a day rate based on the work, why not change your hourly rate based on the work? I mean what’s the difference in charging $1600 for an 8 hour day of shooting or $200 an hour? I mean it’s still $1600 at the end of the day….

The part that I agree with is that you need to be basing your quotes for jobs off of the work that you are going to be doing. For example, I charge a completely different fee when I am shooting sports vs when I am shooting portraits. It’s not just an arbitrary difference, it is a calculated difference based on the amount of work that I put into each service. Obviously it’s a little different in the commercial fashion/advertising world – but the premise is the same.

What do you guys think? What is a situation where you would use the same hourly rate for any job? Let us know in a comment below.