HOT OFF THE PRESS WITH LIVE UPDATES! More Photos & Info on Canon Mirrorless EOS M!

July 20th 2012 12:19 AM

Here it is folks! Thanks to and, we have the first image of the hotly anticipated Canon mirrorless camera.

Meet the new Canon EOS M!
Canon EOS M Mirrorless Camera

Contrary to previous information, it looks like that the EOS M may have an APS-C sensor instead of the smaller 1.85x crop sensor from the Canon G1 X. Mounted on the camera is the EF-M 22mm F/2 STM pancake lens (36mm full frame equivalent). The new mount type is said to be designated as EF-M. One thing that worries me though, is that there is no built-in EVF. I have the Panasonic GH2 and am planning to get the Olympus OM-D very soon. One thing I love about them and also the Sony NEX-7 is that all of them have stellar built-in EVFs. As someone who uses wireless triggers to fire strobes, this is a must and I can’t go back to having to choose either an EVF or a wireless trigger.

We’ll continue to bring more information as they come around. Don’t forget about Canon’s big July 23rd Event, possibly for this EOS M.

Readers, are you looking forward to buying the Canon EOS M?


Thanks to the guys at and, we now have some more photos and information about the Canon EOS M. So from the looks of it, we are looking at a point&shoot style camera, with very few direct access controls, no EVF, and probably a touchscreen-driven system.

Sources who spoke to confirmed that it will be an APS-C camera and that Canon did not want to give Sony the sensor size advantage.

Here is the other piece of info that they were able to get: There will be a more advanced Canon mirrorless within a few months. Hopefully that will have EVF and more direct access controls.

Canon EOS M courtesy of &

Canon EOS M courtesy of &

Canon EOS M courtesy of &

Here are some clear photos of the EOS M, courtesy of Looks like there will be no pop-up flash, just a stereo mic.

Canon EOS M courtesy of

Canon EOS M courtesy of

Canon EOS M courtesy of

Canon  EF-M 22mm f/2 Lens  courtesy of

Canon  EF-M 22mm f/2 Lens  courtesy of



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  1. 1

    Where can I get a EF-M to EF adapter?

  2. 1
    Lyle Turner

    PLEASE don’t let it suck !!! I’m a Canon guy and have been shopping for a mirrorless camera for vacations. I hope this is it.

  3. 1

    Looking really great! I really hope though that you can mount EF lenses on the Canon EOS M body… We’ll have to see.

    For the Dutchies. Check my site with updates on this cam. :-)

    • 1

      And follow on

    • 1
      Tom Embt

      The mount looks physically compatible with other EF mounts other than the dot placement. I bet EF-M is like EF-S but without the need for mirror flip clearance. That means they could produce a few compact EF-M lenses, probably all STM for video use, but retain body compatibility with all EF and EF-S lenses too. Well, it sounds good in my head at least.

      • 1

        More than just a dot placement. The bayonet is rotated counter clockwise by a couple of degrees and the contacts are rotated clockwise by 10 degrees or so. The bayonet looks like the same and maybe the odd EF lens will fit it (I doubt the EF-S lens will fit on there), but the flange distance will make them inoperable, and with the contacts in a different location will not allow them to operate with the EOS functions. Not sure why it’s the same bayonet, but perhaps it’s easier to machine the same pieces but just to relocate the lock pin hole after rotation.

        • 1
          Tom Embt

          You’re right, I looked closer and there are some changes that I missed at first. Even though everything is rotated a bit the uniform pin spacing seems like it would not play nicely with the gap in regular EF pins. Actually, looking at the ratio of pin sizes to the mount as a whole, it looks like this mount may be smaller diameter overall. I guess that would make some sense if it’s for smaller cameras and will be APS-C. In any case I’d be shocked if there weren’t some way for people to mount up SLR lenses, it’s too tempting an upgrade path not to allow.

  4. 1
    Greg Henry

    Lack of a decent hand grip. Ugh.

    • 1
      Robert Aldrich

      If it needs a cage, D|Focus Systems will build it!

  5. 1
    Jim Doss – W9JIM

    “Readers, are you looking forward to buying the Canon EOS M?”

  6. 1

    Hmmm…it would be much nicer if it had a control ring around the lens mount to adjust aperture and a physical shutter speed knob on the top, just like the Leica Ms its name reminds me of

  7. 1
    EOS M: M for Mirrorless

    […] Hyundai Veloster…eos-m-revealed HOT OFF THE PRESS! Canon Mirrorless EOS M Revealed! Contrary to previous information, it […]

  8. 1
    Joey Duncan

    I’m fairly disappointed at the way this camera looks. Seriously, look at MOST of the newer mirrorless camera’s and they’re really nice, this thing is ugly. lol

    • 1

      agree. I’m sure the technical specs will be nice, but what an UGLY camera… I’ve been looking at the competition, drooling over the aesthetics and nostalgia… and this is what I’ve been waiting patiently for? Hope the future models aren’t the same body…

  9. 1

    If anyone can do it well, it will be Canon. However, they will be hard pressed to beat Sony. The NEX lineup is amazing!

  10. 1
    Matt Goldsmith

    I hope that rear photo isn’t taken with one of these.. focus much?

  11. 1
    Robbie Bergulson

    what are the benifits of having a mirrorless over a dslr or a regualr point and shoot

    • 1

      When there’s no mirror box, the back of the lens can be closer to the surface of the CCD. This makes for easier, smaller and lighter lens designs, especially for wide angle lenses. Also, the camera is smaller because you don’t have to have a mirror box and space for the mirror to flip up into during capture.

  12. 1
    Daniel Marques

    I’m curious about what seems like some switch button on the front top right corner… any idea what it is?

    • 1
      Daniel Marques

      Ohhh, I think is a infrared light or LED and a sensor

  13. 1

    I like how you take rumour and speculation, even if it is a good image and call it fact and infer that this is official news

    • 1
      Joe Gunawan

      At what point did I use the word “official” or the word “fact”? Everything I said is speculative, barring the obvious visual cues, like the lack of built-in EVF, sparse buttons/dials, pop-up flash, or compact camera-like design.

      – Joe

  14. 1

    I think for the camera size, price, image quality, camera control, etc that mirrorless camera is between DSLR and Point and Shoot. In other word, you can get a really good image quality with a mirrorless camera in a much smaller body. This is what I understand. Correct me if I am wrong.

    • 1
      Joe Gunawan

      Price-wise, I figure it would be close, if not over $1,000, just like the Pentax K-01, since it’s an APS-C. It’s most likely higher priced than most mu4/3 cameras and the Canon G1 X, as well, because of sensor size and interchangeable lens. – Joe

  15. 1

    The article states that there is no built in EVF. I may be a little dense, but what is the screen on the back of the camera? What other meaning could EVF have other than electronic viewfinder? Help me understand.

    • 1

      EVF = electronic viewfinder. The LCD on the back of a camera is not a viewfinder – an EVF is a viewfinder you can look into with the camera pressed up to your eye, similar to a traditional SLR or rangefinder.

  16. 1

    Why in the hell would you want an EVF? They are a gift from the devil himself. Rear LCD more than makes up for an EVF; if you want a viewfinder it has to be optical, but on a camera like this it’s not really a necessity.

    • 1
      Joe Gunawan

      Because you can’t have a proper OVF on a mirrorless. You obviously haven’t tried the great EVF on the GH2, OM-D, or the NEX-7. They are amazing and almost as good as OVF, they are 100% coverage and as bright as top of the line dSLRs, but with the ability to overlay information, to show over/under-exposure effect in real time, zoom in/focus peaking for manual focus, and even playback your files on it, which really helps when there is a lot of sun and you can’t see the LCD. Oh, and if you are doing all that and trigger strobes wirelessly like I do, it’s very important to have a built-in EVF, not an external EVF. A viewfinder does not have to be optical, it just have to be really good. – Joe

      • 1

        fair point, any EVF i have ever used has been awful with lag and shocking quality. obviously a proper OVF isn’t possible on a mirrorless but my point was more “anything but an EVF” but apparently they have improved since I last tried one. Thanks for the correction:)

    • 1
      Walter Wagner

      EVF is essential for shooting in bars, Blues/Jazz joints, concert halls, back stage. The rear LCD is like carrying a flashlight.