If it feels like we just got done talking about a Samyang teaser, that is because we did. Just this past week Samyang announced their new 50mm F/1.4 and T/1.5 photo/cinema lenses. But according to a new teaser on their Facebook page, it seems that the Korean company isn’t quite done yet.


The teaser image, which is very similar to the one they posted regarding the 50mm F/1.4, went up on Samyang’s Facebook page on Friday evening. There is no date associated with the teaser, just three simple words; “Prepare for more…”

Could this be a teaser for Samyang’s long rumored AF lens line? Maybe something else highly requested like a 135mm? We don’t have a specific date to look forward to this time, so who knows how long we will be waiting to find out, but the possibilities are endless.


Personally, I would love to see some AF lenses. Maybe this will be an AF version of the 50mm that they just announced? That would make sense to me, considering the similarity of the teaser and lens outline in the teaser. But, that would mean essentially three 50mm lenses announced in quick succession, so maybe it doesn’t make so much sense.

Regardless of my crazy speculation, this should be an interesting teaser to keep an eye on. Stay tuned, and we will keep you updated with any further developments…


What do you think about this Samyang teaser? If you had to take a guess, what do you think that Samyang is teasing about? Leave a comment below!

[via Samyang Facebook Page]