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veterans day Inspiration

Honoring Veterans Day

By Joseph Cha on November 11th 2013

Veterans Day

At SLRLounge we’re thankful for people who fight for our freedom, and for the photographers who risk their lives documenting dangerous war zones. To honor these brave veterans and photographers we have a list of heartwarming, eye opening, and inspiring articles. Be sure to check them out, and remember to thank a vet!

Photography Helping War Veterans Overcome PTSD

Combat Veterans

At Menlo Park, veterans suffering PTSD are exploring photography as a means of coping with their emotional struggles and challenging memories. The Veterans Health Administration in Palo Alto is using this creative therapy to help heal traumatized veterans by running workshops teaching photography techniques. These workshops are designed to help veterans compose pictures to represent their emotions and journeys.

Homeless Vet Gets Makeover, Changes Life

Homeless Veteran Gets MakeoverSometimes, changing how someone looks on the outside, can irrevocably change someone on the inside, especially when society is quick to judge a person based on how they dress, how they look and what they do for a living.



Children’s View of War Photographed With Toys

War ToysPhotographer Brian McCarthy’s project called “War Toys” looks at war from a unique point of view, from the perspective of children. Using the techniques of expressive art therapy, McCarthy had children living in war and conflict zones draw out their experiences and memories. He then recreates their drawings using toys.


Joao Silva Continues Taking Photographs After Losing His Legs in Afghanistan

Veterans DayIn 2010 the photography world was rocked by the news that Joao Silva, a New York Times photo-journalist, had stepped on a landmine in Afghanistan and lost both his legs. Since that time, Silva has managed to make a fresh start after battling though a long and difficult period of rehabilitation


Conflict Photography With Jason Howe

Conflict PhotographyProfessional soldiers have to go through extensive training before they’re released into the field. Conflict photographers are going into the same warzones with no training, and armed only with a camera. Jason Howe has a workshop for photographers, guiding and training them before they enter conflict zones.


I’m a photographer and cinematographer based in Southern California. When I don’t have a camera in my face I enjoy going to the movies and dissecting the story telling and visual aesthetics.

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