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Hilarious Photoshop Gaffe Turns Kanye & Kim’s Vogue Shoot into Internet Meme

By Hanssie on March 25th 2014

I had promised myself to write less Photoshop FAIL articles, even though they’re fun and I find great amusement in them, but this one is too good to pass up. In the recent, controversial Vogue shoot, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West grace the cover of the fashion magazine, much to the outrage of, well, almost everyone it seems. Inside the now infamous shoot, the spread gives viewers a look into the glamorous family of the reality star, Kanye and baby North. Though many were offended that the magazine chose Kim for their cover, what was inside the magazine has sparked even more Internet fervor due to its major Photoshop blunder.



The photo in question is one of the worst Photoshop fails that we’ve seen especially in a glamorous and prestigious magazine such as Vogue. It shows Kanye taking a photo of Kim and North on his iPad. In front of him is a giant mirror…notice what’s missing.


In case you missed it, I’ll give you a hint. What job does a mirror have? To reflect. And the only people that don’t have a reflection are vampires. Noticed by a blogger and posted on Twitter, hilarious Internet memes began popping up almost instantaneously, mocking mercilessly the magazine and questions about if Kanye actually is a vampire.

Perhaps not a vampire, but something more ominous these days…a hasty graphic designer. Oops.

via Daily Mail

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Q&A Discussions

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  1. Anon

    GIOPHOTO, simple answer – Kanye has just zoomed in on the beamed image

    | |
  2. Rick

    Not sure what the intent of the photo was to convey. If Kanye was indeed filming (which I think he is since he’s looking at Kim and North and not the iPad itself), the image on the iPad is wrong. They simply cropped an image as we see it head-on of Kim and North and pasted it in. But realistically, a second photo should have been shot from Kanye’s perspective (same angle as iPad).

    But why is Kim holding out the iPhone like that? When I first saw this image, I thought “FaceTime”. Here you have couple literally in the same room, yet they are using FaceTime to connect. But Kanye’s eyes are looking above the iPad directly at Kim and North and not at the iPad screen. If you’re in a FaceTime call, you’d obviously want to look at the screen.

    If it was supposed to be a FaceTime call, the image on the iPad would need to be the image as captured by the iPhone.

    So no matter what, the image on the iPad is indeed wrong. To be honest, I was so fixated on those aspects of the image that I didn’t even think about the mirror issues :)

    | |
  3. Lucarelli

    No mystery here — is everyone’s perspective off?
    Kanye is to the right of the mirror and not within the angle of reflection and the photographer is obviously behind mom and baby…
    Being overly analytical doesn’t make one a Photoshop expert! =;D

    | |
    • Graham Curran

      The image on the iPad is identical to the main image. I wouldn’t necessarily expect to see a reflection of the photographer but I would expect to see a different POV on the iPad.

      | |
  4. GioPhoto

    The hole in your theory is that if the image was being beamed to Kanye’s ipad it means that he would also show up in his ipad screen.

    | |
  5. Anon

    Nacho, I think you are right but have missed that the photog has also “beamed” his image to the iPad that Kanye is viewing – problem solved, heh!

    | |
  6. Nacho

    My guess is the photog is using a longer lens to keep him/herself out of the shot, and set the angle in such a way to ensure Kanye’s reflection wasn’t in the shot. Really wouldn’t be that hard to do given a big enough room.

    | |
    • Denneco

      First, you need to look at the size of the room and when you say long lens I’m thinking most photogs carry the 70-200 lets say canon lens. There would not be enough room to get all that and kanye and also have that whole room in focus with no type of blur. The ipad picture clearly shows a door behind Kim, both were photoshoped and placed in that room..

      | |
  7. Andy

    and the lighting on Kim doesnt really match the rest of the room in the background… forehead and nose highlight suggest the light comes from above, while the “room” has only a window light from camera left…. hmm…..3 pictures into 1.. =D

    | |
  8. bryanOSAR

    How about, the picture was taken by kim’s phone.

    | |
    • Daveasaur

      Considering you can see her hand and the top of the phone in the iPad that is a “no”.

      | |
  9. Joel Owens

    Unfortunately, we can see that the angle would not hide his reflection, as we can see in the mirror the furniture that he is standing next to. If he had been there when the picture was actually taken, his reflection would be in the mirror, and as the first poster pointed out, the image in his ipad would not be showing the head on composition of the mother and baby that it is. I initially tried to give the benefit of the doubt, that maybe it was just the angle. However, we can clearly see the entire line of the wall, and there is no way that angle could hide the reflection here.

    | |
  10. Ruben

    I don’t see the photographer either. Must be a vampire too!

    | |
  11. Anon

    If you can’t keep your promise to yourself to write FEWER articles about Photoshop Fails, perhaps you should at least pledge to make fewer grammar errors.

    | |
  12. Nick

    It is not Kanye, but the photographer who took their whole picture the one who is missing.
    That is your “vampire”.

    | |
  13. Joel

    What if maybe, just maybe, the angle of the camera and height were just at the limit of seeing him or not in the miroir.

    | |
    • Mikhari

      Valid point, but there’s another reflection to think about in this photo – the tog’s. I assume the photographer is blocked by Kim as she’s in the center of the image, but Kanye is off to the photographer’s side – and Kim’s – I would expect something to appear in the mirror.

      But like Anon above, the first thing I noticed was the amazingly clear and angle-defying photo Kanye was taking on his iPad.

      Now this is more time and though I have ever given these two than I ever wanted to. Eh!

      | |
    • Bongani Dlamini

      what if the camera was set on remote and they used an ipad to trigger the shot ?

      I might be wrong but still a possibility to set up the camera on a tripod and then compose get out of the frame , make sure the camera is out of the way and Kim is blocking the mirror reflection then later photoshop kanye in the picture lols.

      | |
  14. anonymous

    Everyone talks about the mirror but no one mentions the clearly photoshopped in iPad picture. This whole thing is a joke.

    | |
    • Pye

      Yeah, the iPad is also off too, clearly a Photoshopped in shot from another camera, looks like the main camera.

      | |
  15. Nick

    The picture is taken at a certain angle, not perpendicular to the mirror.
    He’s not supposed to appear in the picture.
    Maybe there are other elements showing the use of Photoshop.

    | |