We have been hearing a lot about what I am dubbing, “The Second Great Megapixel War,” or basically, the race to 50MP Full Frame Sensors. Sony and Nikon are both rumored to have options coming, and today ,we noticed a report indicating that Canon’s model is ‘confirmed’.


According to the report over on Canon Rumors, they have ‘confirmed’ that Canon will have a 50MP camera come out in 2015. How did they confirm that? We don’t know, so take this with a grain of salt, but CR is usually pretty reliable with things like this. They also shared that the camera will NOT have an EOS-1 D style body, so the chances are this will be the 5D Mark IV or some new tbd model.

They don’t know when in 2015 the camera is coming, but they know that it is coming in 2015. No other specs or information was released.

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I feel like people complain about the 36MP of the D800, so why on earth are companies fighting to get to 50MP? But, I guess so long as these MP beasts have good options for lower res files (for when you don’t need 50MP). Still, those are going to be some biiiiiiiiiiiig RAW files…

[via Canon Rumors]