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Tips & Tricks

High Fashion Style Wedding Photography Posing With Moshe Zusman

By Chris Nachtwey on May 28th 2014

Posing couples and groups at a wedding is one of the most important and challenging things all wedding photographers face. While you can stick to the poses that you know work well, there is nothing wrong with changing things up and posing your clients in more of a high fashion style in mind.

In the B & H sponsored video below, Washington, D.C. based photographer Moshe Zusman shares some of his tips for posing couples and groups with a high fashion look you can use for your next wedding.





Best Tips

While the video is chock full of little tips and tricks, below are the ones I liked:

  • Schedule an engagement session with your couple. This will allow them to get comfortable with your shooting style and posing instructions.
  • Scout your locations well. You always want to find the best locations possible for a great setting and backdrop. Example: Don’t be afraid to move the bride out of the bridal suite to the hallway if the hallway is a better location, and will help create a better photograph than in the bridal suite.
  • Once you have a great image of the bride, show her the image on the back of your camera. Once she sees a great image of herself,  she will be confident with how she looks and put her at ease, helping to make the day go much smoother.
  • Pose the bride with a S or C curve in mind. This will give your images a much more fashionable look.
  •  Use high fashion keywords when talking to your couple about posing such as, GQ and Vanity Fair. Those keywords will instantly place an image in their heads about how you want them to look.
  • Have fun, but be confident and assertive when posing the couple or groups.
  • Break the wedding party into smaller groups and pose them around the couple. Ask them to be a little sassy and have fun, this will add more character to your group shots vs. the more traditional image of everyone in lines next to the couple.




The tips Moshe shares are fantastic. I believe whole-heartily in the importance of an engagement session, not only to let a couple get comfortable with my style, but it’s also a great time to teach the couple how to pose, and they will be more prepared come the big day. Personally, I want to try breaking the wedding party up during my next wedding to add more character to my group shots.

You can find even more tips on posing couples in the SLR Lounge Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop DVD.

Via: B and H Youtube Channel

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  1. Joseph Prusa

    Big help.

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  2. Brandon Dewey

    Great tips!

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  3. Maribeth Castaneda

    Great tips! A must-see video too…

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  4. Jared Stewart

    Awesome tips. Working with the couple prior to the big day would definitely be a huge help.

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  5. Sarah Dorn

    These are great tips! I have 2 weddings coming up in August and plan to try some of these ideas out! Thanks :)

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