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” Hidden In Plain View “- Photography Tips From the Visually Impaired

By Lauren Kermelis on November 29th 2013

When Photography instructor Bob Lee was asked if he would be willing to instruct a photography class for the visually impaired, he was a bit surprised as to how he was going to manage a class such as this. Practicing and mastering the “perfect shot” is challenging enough, so how then is it possible for a blind person to learn photography?


Lee accepted the challenged, and began to create a plan for teaching this class. Little did he know, the students would teach him just as much as he was about to teach them.

One of the main differences in the photography submitted by Lee’s students, was that much of their work focused on subjects and items that your average person would take for granted. From the variation in the texture of the pavement, to household objects that they used in their day to day life, Lee’s students demonstrated the impact and importance of the everyday world around us.






[via”Ted Talks“]

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Lauren Kermelis is a freelance photographer wedding, portrait, and event photographer based out of Southern California.

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