As a photographer, our goal is to always tell a visual story. I have the belief that someone who views one or more of my images knows the story I’m trying to tell right away. Coming from the wedding photography world, I know how important detail images are, but no matter what you’re photographing, you should capture some detail images to help tell a better story.


In the Adorama sponsored video below, Corey Rich shows us a simple way to create detail images to help tell a better story about fly fishing.



Nikon D4s

Nikon 50mm f/1.4

corey-rich-tell-story-with-details-3Corey does a great job of keeping things simple and using the best light he has to create details images to help tell a story. A lot of people might think you need a macro lens to capture the small flies, but the use of a 50mm f/1.4 is a good choice in this case because Corey wanted to also include his subject in the background vs. just the fly in full detail.

Corey uses backlighting and a shallow depth of field to create  great detail images that you could easily do on the fly (no pun intended) when you’re capturing a visual story. I like his choice of having his subject hold the flies in the foreground, this captures the detail of the flies front and center, and still shows us more of the story with the fly fisherwoman in the background.



While this tutorial might seem very basic to some of you, it’s an important reminder to create detail images when you are trying to tell a story. Detail images are important for not only a magazine spread, but also a personal blog post. The more quality images you create of the whole “picture,” the better your visual story will be.

Via: Adorama Youtube Page

Images captured via screen grab